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Contractors Solutions for IR35

Real solutions for IR35 that will help you stay in contracting AND stay an independent business, responsible for your own income and expenditure whilst remaining on the same income levels as before.

Even the most seasoned contractors are facing uncertainty about what the new IR35 regulations will mean for them and their business after 6th April 2020.

Where is your next role coming from? How do you secure roles outside of IR35? What rates can you charge for a new ‘service contract’? How do you ensure that you follow all the steps that are required by HMRC?

I know that the demand for contractors is not going away. The number of roles going through ‘exception’ processes are on the increase and lots of organisations are redefining their work practices so they can secure the best talent in the next few months.

You need to make sure that you are amongst that group that are in demand.

If you are unsure about any of the above questions, then this online training is for you…

Tuesday 31st March     19:00 GMT
100% free – live ONLINE TRAINING

Here’s what you’ll discover

during the session…

The 3 things that will indicate more than ANYTHING else that you’re outside of IR35 . How to address these 3 things yourself, to help protect you from the downturn and get hiring managers finding you.

Step by step details of my NEW Ways of Working, (WOW). New ways that will protect you AND provide the organisation with confidence that you know and understand the new regulations.>

A way of roles finding you rather than you having to go and source roles yourself – the dream scenario for most contractors

The easiest, proven remedy that you can implement which will alleviate stress AND give you wider experience in the market.

The DO’s and DON’TS of the contracting world – how to position yourself with organisations and hiring managers post 6th April 2020

The single most important ‘test’ that COULD put a contract inside IR35 and how to avoid it.

All this is going to be delivered in a 40 minute, high impact session on Tuesday 31st March at 7.00pm that will open your eyes to a whole new world, AND give you the strategies and understanding to make contracting a success after 6th April 2020 when the new IR35 regulations take effect.

tuesday 31st March     19:00 GMT
100% free – live ONLINE TRAINING

Karen Frith has over 20 years’ experience in the contracting world and has worked with some very impressive brands such as Unilever, Cadbury, CO-OP, RBS, Whitbread and Zurich. Starting her professional life as an accountant, in 1998 Karen gave up a permanent position to begin contracting. This started in London with just a small network and, despite her love of the lifestyle contracting offered, it wasn’t always easy – especially not when the end of her first contract coincided with a move back to the North West and the raising of two small children. To help save others from the struggle’s contractors can face, Karen set up Contractors Anonymous and more recently, Contractors Academy, becoming a vital resource for others in similar positions. CA helps people to not just enter, but thrive in the contracting market, and Karen uses her experience and expertise to guide them to success. Join her on this online training session for lots of useful hints and insights into the solutions for IR35 to make YOUR contracting journey continue after 6th April 2020.

Tuesday 31st March     19:00 GMT
100% free – live ONLINE TRAINING